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Some Arts

Random drawing time.

I got a tablet recently. This was doodle practiced using dA muro. I don't really like Muro but since I wasn't in the lab and thus couldn't use photoshop this had to do.

This was drawn and toned in Manga Studio. I can do much better comic pages than this, but since this was drawn with a tablet that's why the quality is down. Russia would have an America plush...to love and squeeze and...love some more.

An old Russia/America doodle. Apparently Russian's eat their cereal with hot milk. I (and I think America would) find that confusing. To each his own I suppose...


Self explanatory.

And last, the Rave!Russia I drew on Tegaki. He kinda looks like he's melting...


Who's ready for Christmas? *raises hand*


So... those drawings I posted forever ago? Yep. Finally getting around to working on them again!

This one is actually a doodle I did a while back at a friends house. Not gonna bother to ink it so it's straight color pencil and pencil. Kinda a rough look, I think.

"APH: 49 and 50" WIP. The left is/will be Hawaii and the right is/will be Alaska.

Also: On deviantART I got my trade for the ATCxchange. I feel it deserves some LJ pimp-age...

August ATCxchange by ~jitsumi1221 on deviantART

Now...If only I had a good scanner...



I've never been that big of a fan of Gin, but DANG.


*crosses fingers and hopes like crazy that Aizen isn't gonna pull something out of his Nanerpus suit and be like "LOLJK"*

New Things, New People

Hey, everybody, and a special hello to the awesome people who I met via the Hetalia Friending Meme!

With summer in full swing, not much is really going on, but I haven't been completely boring. Here's some things that I've gotten and/or worked on in the past few weeks.

One of my favorite Pokemon is the West Sea Shellos (West sea is pink, east sea is blue). Hastings had the East Sea Shellos on sale so I picked it up. My friend Lindsey (StariaChiba on deviantART) made the little West Sea Shellos figurine for me out of sculpy. I have a shellder from her too.

The other day, mom and I were picking up some groceries, and we found GIANT MARSHMALLOWS. That night I went over to a friends house and had a sleep over, complete with Cherry Coke, my giant marshmallows, and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon.

And of course, I've doodled some recently. All of these are works in progress.

(Left to right: America and Russia on a plane, Dragon Quest IX comic, random sketch)

Someone posted on the Hetalia community that in their head!canon, Ukraine made a glass of warm milk with vodka for Russia when he couldn't sleep as a child. This comic illustrates that.

And this is going to be titled something like "49 and 50", Alaska and Hawaii join the USA. Go Alfred! Hula dance! (Btw, I looped Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride from Lilo and Stitch when I drew this.)

One last thing...

Fellow Hetalia fan demiincarnate had this meme thing in her journal. These are the question's she sent me.

1. What's your favorite artistic medium and why?
Probably Prisma color pencil. I've used it most of my artistic life.

2. What was the thing you most recently found lulzy?
THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pidokakU4I

3. Warm fuzzy question time: What is your favorite thing about Hetalia?
XD I like studying history, and adding extra comedy, especially to tough situations like the World Wars is an interesting concept. My favorite thing has to be the humor of it all.

4. Question I ask everyone time: Current favorite song?
Uhhhh... at the moment? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8q6gl1ZgM8

5. Surrealist question time: What's the difference between a duck?
Well, that depends. Did it have it's towel? Was he left-handed? Did he remember his monocle? If so, then about 5 pancakes.

*runs off to play more Dragon Quest IX and update her fanfics*


Dragon Quest IX: We like to party

I just realized that in order to get a full party in DQ9, you have to make the characters yourself, and I totally just spent the last hour or so fretting over names and classes for my characters.

Here's what I've got so far:

Main Character: Muuse, at the moment a minstrel (Palidin someday)
Party member 1: Ivan, Warrior (With short silver hair and purple eyes, he looks like Russia from Hetalia. Yay! ^///^)
Party member 2: Rince, Priest (Named after Rincewind from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Excelent book series.)
Party member 3: Ser, Martial Artist (semi-based off of an original character that's work in progress.)

Anybody else gotten DQ9 yet? If you have a DS, you gotta get this game. It's so much fun and the customization is crazy on it. XD

*runs off to play more*


The Internet's Wonders Part 1

Stumble Upon is a wondrous thing...

Here's some of the goodness I've stumbled upon in this big group of electricity and pixels we call the internet.

I can't read it(It's in Russian, I think) but the wire sculptures are nifty.

If E3 was like High School:

Their life is average.

Image Macros: The staple of the Interweb

That's not real. That's art.

Hetalia makes this even funnier...


A POST?! (Sort of)


This is actually to show that my LJ isn't dead. I do plan on updating and such more frequently, but crazy stuff's been happening and I'm going to a con on Saturday.

After that: I'll update this and talk about what's going on in the wonderful world of FANDOM!

History with Hetalia and the Internet

So for the past hour or two I've been studying for my Art History test tomorrow, and it's made me thing how weird it is that fandom can help make learning more fun.

Don't get me wrong, I like learning about art history (and history in general, if I wasn't an artist I think I'd like to be a archeologist or geologist ...or a police officer) but my teacher doesn't teach very well. What makes getting up early to go to an 8 a.m. class and hear him talk for 2 and a half hours in monotone in a dark room worth it is the LOLs I get comparing history to Hetalia.

I can't look at maps anymore. It's like all the countries are in a big room talking to each other. Specifically for Art History (right now), Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Egypt. Hetalia has an offical persona for the Roman Empire but not for Ancient Greece/Egypt. Still, seeing Hetalia's Rome "acting" as the real Rome is funny as all get out. XD

And then there's more specific fandom jokes, specifically when a part of history can be related to an internet meme.

Take for example, the First Style of Roman Painting. Basically, it was painting the interior walls of a house to look like they were made of marble instead of actually building them out of marble. And all I could think of was this: (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/xzibit-yo-dawg)
"Yo dawg, I heard you like walls, so we put a wall on your wall so you can have a wall on your wall."

I think I hang out on the internet too much. "Lurk Moar" as they say. XD